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Inside of bfx Society

Ever-growing portfolio of programs

Get access to an ever-growing portfolio of programs that teach you trading, cryptocurrency, e-commerce, how to become financial stable, and much more.

Access to the rarest opportunities

Half of success is knowing what to act on. Inside of BFX, you’ll have access to the latest opportunities so that you can be at the right place at the right time. We bring you front seat access to the world’s top experts in business, entrepreneurship, career development, and biohacking.

Get coached by industry-experts

Inisde BFX, you’ll get personally coached by industry experts on weekly coaching calls, and have your own 1:1 success coach.

Subtle moves, one MAJOR mission .

A Twist to E-learning

We’re on a mission to reform the education system by bringing our customers the best online business programs the world has ever seen.

Our Mission

We’re here to help nurture & grow the next breed of millionaires. Traditional education is outdated, invalid & overpriced. Our programs aim to deliver 10x the impact on your income for 1/100 of the price tag of a regular college education.


Everyone Starts Here


A Member who earns
$100 - $2,500 Per Month

In the electrifying realm of BFX Society, we’ve introduced an exhilarating four-tier achievement system, a gamified adventure where your ascent to greatness is solely determined by your remarkable results. Here’s the twist – every achievement is meticulously verified by our dedicated team to ensure the authenticity of your triumphs. Imagine the surge of excitement as you level up, with the entire community joining in uproarious celebration. Whether you’re a swift Snapper or a majestic Whale, your progress is a testament to your success, acknowledged and celebrated by a community that thrives on genuine achievement. Get ready to showcase your prowess and embark on a journey where every step forward is a thrilling victory, verified and applauded by our dedicated team!

Tier 2


A Member who earns
$2,500 - $5,000 Per Month

 As our members advance, they unlock a treasure trove of new features! In Tier 2,  dive into even more tools for turbocharged income diversification. This isn’t just education—it’s a thrilling adventure into a realm of financial possibilities!

Tier 3


A Member who earns
$5,000- $10,000 Per Month

Level up to Tier 3 and experience a leap in achievement! Uncover new features, dive into advanced programs on financial stability, and secure your spot in our exclusive private investment groups. It’s a moment of pride as you advance as a shark

Tier 4


A Member who earns
$10,000+ or More Per Month

Tier 4 unveils unprecedented success—where one student alone can surpass $100,000 annually. You’re not just achieving; you’re becoming the North Star for our community. Plus, gain exclusive access to our black-level events, where greatness knows no limits!



Frequently Asked Questions

BFX Society was created in 2021 by Denzel Johnson with the desire of building one of the largest entrepreneurial network in the world. In the beginning, the focus was mainly trading, but as the society grew so did its knowledge base. 

We aim to educate people with monetizable skills and show them how to monetize them.

Our main focus is financial stability, helping members create wealth, preserving it and multiplying it.

BFX Society memberships are currently invite only. Join our waitlist at https://www.bfxsociety.com/waiting-list We will contact you via email. 

We offer a 7-day money-back guarantee meaning you have up to 7 days to get a full refund on your purchase price.

The guarantee applies regardless of whether you’ve taken advantage of our offerings or not. 

To request a refund simply email us at support@bfxsociety.com

BFX Society has a hybrid teaching platform. We believe that members need to be in constant repetition and follow-up to be able to evolve.

Therefore, we will always provide new recorded courses and live mentorships.

Yes. BFX will provide you all the information you need in order to succeed in your digital career. It doesn’t matter if you’re starting off today or if you don’t know anything about the internet market

If you successfully finish BFX’s content, you’ll be able to take a final test and retrieve your Educate diploma, which certifies that you have the right skills and knowledge to generate revenue for any internet niche.

Yes, we currently have a waitlist with people from over 72 countries. The interest for BFX Society is world-wide.

Our official support email address is hello@bfxsociety.com.  Whether you have questions about our services, need assistance with your account, or want to provide feedback, our team is here to help. Please allow 2 business days to hear back from us.