My name is Denzel 'Jayce' Johnson

How Jayce Went From Rags to Owning over 6 figures in assets at 25 By Not Giving Up On Himself, and Shaking Up The Trading & E-Learning Industry

Hi, my name is Denzel Johnson and I’d like to share my life story & the birth of
BFX Society

Before we start, there’s one thing I want you to bear in mind: I’m on a mission to reform the education system. It’s a mission that
governs every decision in my life. You’re about to find out why…

Early Days

My story starts in a little island in The Bahamas called New Providence.

I was born in United States to a single mother who moved to her hometown, The Bahamas – my father, a true military man, was involved in my life but not ideally as you would hope.

We lived together in Post-Independence poverty, and my mother – my best friend and hero – worked three jobs to take care of me – so I spent most of my time with my grandparents.
My mom was the very essence of inspiration and made sure did everything in her power to give us the life we deserved


One day my mom came home and told me we were going to live in a new part of the island, Coral Harbor (the western Suburbs). I didn’t understand what this meant because we were in apartments and I was in between my grandparents home. However, I saw my first ever home a huge house, with multiple rooms, and a lot of toys..

This incredible turn of fortune came as my mother got a promotion at Atlantis and was working directly with Butch Kerzner, the son of Sol Kerzner.

So in the space of just one month, everything changed for us. We went from walking in the rain because we had no vehicle, to living in one of the most exclusive areas on the island. I ended up going to an elite private school, being on many family trips, receiving everything I wanted (spoiled) and living a life that was unimaginable for my mother only a few months ago.

Of course, if this was where the story ended, you wouldn’t be here, this website wouldn’t exist and I’d be at university or workforce right now on the same path as all my friends. But it doesn’t…

Dark Days

Very quickly, my idyllic childhood started to fade. At age, 8, my mom came home one day ill which required us to seek special medical advice on her health. She was diagnosed with a rare nerve disorder called neurosarcoidosis, that affected her spinal cord.

My mother went to bed fine one day and the next she lost all her nerves in her legs.. She had to learn how to walk all over again. Because of this, we were not only plunged back into our old lives: but at the age of eight, I was faced with an awful burden: taking care of myself and my mother. No more playing outside, making friends, having toys, or even being able to have a normal childhood..

It involved more cleaning, cooking, traveling to doctors for second opinions, witnessing her go through over 15 surgeries, and watching my hero in her weakest moments..

First Businesses/Dreams (Failed)

Despite a childhood dream compelling me to make it as a professional basketball player, I realized, aged 12, I simply couldn't do it all.

It was time to find another way to make money.

So I started a job as a packing boy at a food store. Packing groceries and taking it to the car for the customers.. My first day I made $50 and my mom needed it to pay some bills... At age, 14, my friend and I started a. clothing line called Ill Society, and we worked in his uncle T-Shirt shop for the whole summer. That summer, I made over $1,300! And then, in one bad decision, I managed to lose it all by investing in a scheme and it wasn't profitable.

I still attended high school but majority of the days, I slept through it because I was tired and not interested.

Undeterred, I set about desperately trying to find new ways to make money. I had a real love for music and would spend days and nights studying my craft, then pestering my friends let me do songs for them! I made a couple of hundred dollars a month doing this and thought I was a true businessman. So I invested in myself and bought my first ever studio setup worth $900.

I used and abused that thing, set up studio sessions anywhere I could find them and tried to learn a new craft.

Meanwhile, I had another brainwave. I was still playing high-school basketball at this time and, knowing a bit about social media, I used that to leverage my talents overseas in holland, were i made records for a local artist who was looking for a new sound and I got into song-writing..

My Worst Nightmare

Despite being a successful songwriter and semi-decent music artist. I still had to take care of my mom and provide in whatever possible way I could. I became arrogant, cocky, and much of a rebel due to my upbringing, however on October 4th, 2012, I experienced my worst nightmare.

At the age of 16, I watched my mom took her last breathe, in her bedroom, I tried CPR, and everything in the book, however my attempt was unsuccessful.

I lost my bestfriend and hero. I wasn't able to speak for 3 months due to trauma.
Throughout my childhood my father and I grew our bond, and after my mother had past away. The bond grew stronger.

At the age of 21, I lost my father due to a stroke. I broke into his home to try and save him, however the medical response team did not arrive in enough time and they could not recover him from his injuries.

At the age, of 21, I lost both of the idols that bought me into this world. My world became dark and lonesome

My Turning Point

Although, at 21, I lost both of my parents, I still never gave up on my dreams as being a successful entrepreneur.

During that same year of losing my dad. I secured my very first deal with a cryptocurrency company in Prague. A collaboration that was $5,000 and. a 60/40 split on clothing revenue from clothing line RS96.

After that deal, I was hungry to learn more about cryptocurrency and I met an old colleague who told me that he is a trader. He introduced me into the that world and I was hooked!

Shortly after, covid came around and it gave me more than enough time to perfect my craft and skillset.

The Start Of My Vision

As my trading journey grew, I was less than discrete with my new found wealth, a couple of people started to notice how well things were going for me: I’d been documenting my life on Instagram and Facebook for some time.

And then one day, I met up with a fellow Bahamian and he asked me if I could show him how to trade.

I told him of course, but he insisted on asking me ‘how much do you charge an hour?’

This was brand new to me. I’d provided webinars and calls to people before, but I’d never been consulted or personally taught someone on how to grow a trading career – that seemed absurd!

But I responded ‘$100’.

That very same student, after only two hours of my ‘coaching’ went on $500 the following week.

This meant two things:

I was undercharging, I have a system that work, and I could teach others how to do the same And boy did I…

But there’s only so much time in the day you can dedicate to teaching others without forgetting how to do it yourself, so I devised a solution. A program – a simple, step-by-step formula that anyone could follow to start their trading. And so, on February 1st, 2020 after working with a test group of thirty students, I released The Rare Academy.

Reforming A System


Suddenly, I had created something much bigger than myself.

Within three months of the course being released, we had over 50 customers enrolled.

This coincided with an intense alignment of my passion & purpose. I realized that most of the problems our modern world faces can be fixed with the right education.

Most people can’t operate out of abundance, they can’t contribute to the world if they’re thinking about how to pay their bills.

I made a commitment to myself that I was going to use my experience and talent to build genuinely practicable online courses and revolutionize education through e-learning.

What this didn’t mean is that I gave up my trading journey. It’s always annoyed me that some ‘gurus’ will teach, having gleefully run away from the thing they claim to be an expert in.

That’s why I still trade and run my companies – which continues to generate $10,000/pm+ profit.

As long as I teach, I’ll be testing my course on myself before I let students take the risk.

A Company & Vision

In 2021, was born.

It was the amalgamation of the courses I had previously offered, and the new home to The Trader's Blueprint, our flagship program. now operates with a single mission, expanded from my own: to reform the education system by creating the best online programs the world has ever seen.

But staying true to our ethos and our full circle approach, we’re going to go one step further. I have made a commitment to take 5% of our annual profits to build schools in the developing world

I’ve made a commitment to take 5% of yearly company profits & put the money straight into building schools in underdeveloped countries.

Unfinished Business

It’s been one hell of a ride, but I’ve only just started. is going to explode – and there’s one person I want to grow with it.


It all starts here:

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